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The hospital benefits on this option are limited to the Prescribed Minimum Benefits in order to keep it affordable.The in and out of hospital benefits for this option will now be managed by CareCross through their network of service providers. Benefits on this option are comprehensive with unlimited consultations but with sub-limits of which the most significant is for non-PMB hospitalization of R 400 000 per person and R 800 000 per family per annum.

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A new generation option offering substantial hospital cover, savings for day to day benefits and preventative care benefits. The option is designed for mid income earners with low healthcare needs.

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The overall annual limit has been increased and certain benefit sub-limits have been increased in line with inflation. There has also been an improvement in dental benefits. We have also introduced a Designated Service Provider (DSP) for specialists′ visits and consultations.

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This option will include a savings account and a self payment gap element for certain out of hospital costs. Please look at this option carefully to ensure that you understand which benefits are paid out of the individual member′s savings account and the self payment gap. Any balance in your savings account which is not spent during the year will be carried forward for your benefit.

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